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Kate Anderson Inbalance Bowen

Kate Anderson

Founder of In Balance Bowen and Your Body Revolution

Embarking on my journey into alternative health nearly two decades ago, my path was shaped by a personal injury and witnessing family members navigate various health challenges. Exploring diverse therapeutic treatments unveiled the power of natural therapies in my recovery. Fueled by a passion to extend this healing to my loved ones, I delved into Bowen Therapy, captivated by its unique ability to not only heal injuries but also “unlock” the body in ways conventional treatments couldn’t.

As a certified Bowen Therapist, my commitment to learning led me to obtain my diploma and TAE, ultimately becoming a qualified Bowen Instructor. Fast forward over a decade, and we’ve expanded the Bowen Therapy Caloundra Clinic to a larger space, uniting with Your Body Revolution, our sister clinic, to create a Health Hub offering a variety of products and services.

My aspiration is to remain a lifelong student of the Bowen method, consistently growing and learning. My mission is to share the healing benefits, excel in this technique, and express gratitude to the founder, Tom Bowen, and my personal mentor, Desley Faulks. Join me on this journey of holistic well-being and discovery.

Kate Anderson Inbalance Bowen

Sarah Anderson

I delved into the world of Bowen Therapy, learning how to unravel the body’s mysteries one therapeutic touch at a time. But hey, why stop there? I hungered for more knowledge and went on to a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, unearthing the shocking truth about the food industry’s sneaky secrets. Armed with this wisdom, I felt a calling to spread the message of holistic health far and wide.

Fast forward to today, where I’m the manager at Your Body Revolution’s new clinic as a Cryoskin Technician. Nutrition Consultant, Bowen Therapist, Lymphatic Massage Practitioner. I’ve added a dash of Reflexology to our menu, all while juggling a Diploma in Vibrational Medicine. (Yep, I’m a perpetual student of life, always hungry for more knowledge to sprinkle on your wellness journey.)

As the manager of Your Body Revolution, I’ve helped steer us toward a more holistic approach, transforming us from Cryoskin to a natural health sanctuary. With a heart full of gratitude for my ever-growing tribe of kindred spirits and our wonderful clients, I’ve discovered a passion that gives my life a deeper sense of purpose.
They say I’ve got a heart of gold, a knack for empathy, and a talent for seeing the silver lining in every cloud. My journey has taught me that each person’s struggle is unique, and it’s this empathy that fuels my mission to empower you on your path to wellness.

The journey doesn’t stop here. With a finger on the pulse of the latest natural health research, I’m here to unlock the secrets of lymphatic and immune health, keeping you in the pink of health amidst this crazy world.