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“I have been receiving Bowen therapy from Kate Anderson since December 2012. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia as well as TMJ a condition of the jaw. Since seeing Kate my pain has been reduced and my TMJ is 90 percent better. Kate is very inituative and has a natural healing ability. She is very professional an thorough and I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing therapist!!  Thanks Kate for finding my problem areas and improving my overall health!!”

Kellie Phillips,

“I wholeheartedly endorse Kate and the Bowen technique. Kate has a professional manner, great knowledge base and most importantly a good understanding of the relationship between body and mind. Her advice is always well researched, relevant and sympathetic to my condition. I find her technique to be well advanced. All of these qualities can be attributed to her genuine approach to the philosophy of Bowen and an eagerness to help people. Love the new clinic Kate, look forward to returning!”

Dave McCallum,

“I have been having bowen with kate for the last 8 months (im a concretor) and the difference it has made is phenominal ! My back pain has nearly gone and my energy levels are really high now! thanks kate!!”

Paul Shephard,

Kate is an amazing Bowen therapist!! I have seen a few different bowen therapists over the past 5 years or so for back and shoulder pain, but since seeing kate for treatment I have felt so much better. She has helped me in being able to start working again with so much more energy and has been happy to see me on short notice. I would happily recommend her to everyone.”

Sarah Anderson,